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Foster Care

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The Family Alliance of Paulding, Inc. & Drug Free Paulding are two great organizations and examples of people joining forces to solve community problems.

These organizations do great work by providing supervised visitation and drug abuse prevention in our communities. They are mostly funded through private donations. Please visit their site to see how you can help.

Two big issues in our communities is the lack of Foster Care availability and just about everyone has been affected somehow by the Opioid Crisis. The Opioid Crisis greatly fuels the need for foster care.

We have children in our communities, placed into foster to the other side of this state. So the children are pulled from their homes, from their schools and away from their friends. Along with reducing opioid addiction in this community we need to make more foster homes available within our communities.

As your Congressman I will put together "Action Groups" consisting of stakeholders from various backgrounds to include Local Government Officials, Faith Based Organizations, Health Care Providers, Counseling Services, Law Enforcement, and those that have come through the Foster Care System. The purpose will be to come up with meaningful solutions to these real problems.

Washington cannot solve these problems in our communities but you can by attacking these problems from a different perspective and as your Congressman, I want to help.

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