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Hi, I'm Andy Gunther


I am a determined, hard-working Christian, family man and Constitutional Conservative from the 14th District.  As a retired Airborne Ranger with three degrees to include a Masters in Business Administration from the University of West Georgia,  I possess extensive international experience and a skill set that give me a unique advantage to perform well in the House of Representatives from the start.  I have worked in five continents where I was exposed to multiple cultures which I have studied.  I know how our allies and adversaries think. 


Somewhere as a military leader, I picked up the ability for servant leadership.  I spent many years serving in leadership roles in the Boy Scouts, Civil Air Patrol (I commanded the Rome CAP Squadron), and church. One son is an Eagle Scout, the other is a recipient of the Mitchel Award (The Civil Air Patrol's equivalent to Eagle Scout).  I am a Life Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

I am married to Victoria Gunther, a very strong Christian and conservative woman who prayerfully supports this endeavor.  Together we are a pillar of strength and compassion.

I am the parent of a son who is currently serving  in the military.  I know many of you have family and friends serving also. I will always support our  military.  Any military action that I would support would need to be for a good reason and must be decisive. No more pointless ad feckless operations that places our men and women into harm's way with an unclear purpose.

My oldest son is a software engineer in Atlanta.  He always manages to bring me the latest issues related to information technology and social media platforms.

In my last military assignment, I was tasked to coordinate the civil affairs operation in a municipality of 43 villages  I coordinated the efforts of multiple non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to include USAID, UNHCR, Mother Theresa and others. I met with mayors and other municipal leaders from different ethnic backgrounds to develop a consensus on issues. Every command objective was met in this diverse and even hostile environment.  I additionally hosted two weekly radio talk shows, after hours, to improve relationships.  I worked hard then and I will work hard now for you in the 14th District, to understand complex issues and ultimately, with your input, develop actionable solutions that can be accepted and implemented.


You Will Make the Difference!

You want a person that knows how and where the ordinary people live.  A person who knows the daily challenges we face to make ends meet.  A person that knows how decisions in Washington affect our bottom line.  I know these these things because I am that person.  I am a grass roots person that has always worked hard for all I have.  I will work equally hard for all the constituents in this district, from the most vulnerable among us to the most affluent, equally!

You want a Constitutional Originalist and Conservative Republican!  I have always been a conservative.  I was raised by conservative parents.  I am not contorting, like others, to become more like your expectations.  I am and always will be conservative. I believe that the United States Constitution and the founder's intent is just as valid today as it was on June 21, 1788, the day the Constitution was ratified.

You need a person willing to listen to you.  I will be present as much as possible in all 12  great counties within this district.  You will see me, but more importantly, you will get to know me better and better and you will see that your vote for me was a very good idea. 

But, I can only do this with your grass roots help. This election should not belong to political insiders or those desiring just advance themselves for other purposes! I need you to pray for us first and foremost. I also need you to tell your friends and family. Your word of mouth is my tool to win this election. Please subscribe and become part of the winning team to elect Andy Gunther.   Thank you! #LeadGA14 

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