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When we take back the House in 2020, as a Christian and constitutional conservative,  I will be the voice to push Republicans to "be in charge when in charge."  This is something Republicans have failed to do in the past.  There is a culture war that Christian Conservatives are losing.  It is time that true Christian Conservatives reclaim the fact that America is one nation under one God!  I unapologetically believe that this is the greatest nation in the history of mankind.

Unlike what I have seen from some in the Capitol, I am capable of original thought.  I look at problems from different angles and develop unique solutions that I feel others can accept.

My more than 20 years of military service, education with three degrees to include a  MBA in  Management,  international Civil Affairs experience, and years operating a small business combined with a willingness to work for you will be an asset to the House Leadership and President Trump. 


I have always served, and serving is where I am most comfortable.  I am not running for Congress to bolster my resume; I am running to serve this district in the most significant way I know how. You, the people of the 14th District, deserve someone that not only listens but also acts on your behalf.

I know there are multiple national issues that are important to all of us to include:

  • Silencing of Christian Values.

  • The erosion of our Constitutional Rights.

  • Sanctity of human life. 

  • The rise of America's willingness to welcome extreme

       Democratic Socialist values.

  • The increase of our national debt.

  • Human trafficking.

  • The porous border and illegal immigration.

You can count on me to hold a hard-lined stance against any future encroachment on these issues. Meanwhile, I believe the single most adverse issue directly affecting the people in our district is the opioid epidemic. That is why I will form an "Action Group" of the stakeholders such as citizens, lawmakers, law enforcement, and healthcare and mental health professionals. The goal will be to develop strategies for meaningful and actionable solutions.



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