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Pray for the Front Line Workers!

I originally posted this on March 30, 2020. 1 week into our COVID-19 Crisis. Much has happened in the month that followed. I think we need to renew our prayer.

Everyone, please read this post in its entirety and pray the prayer that follows:

This weekend I watched a very emotional video made by a healthcare worker. I believe she works in a hospital in New York City. She was talking about the emotional toil it has taken on her, so far, dealng about the emotional toil it has taken on her, so far, dealing with the overwhelming impact that COVID-19 has had. She was tasked to care for at least two patients that were on ventilators for a thirteen-hour shift. She had the realization that this is her “New Normal” from now on until some unknown time.

This is just one person dealing with this for the first full week or two. Unfortunately, she and many others across America, will face much more of this and many will have patients that will not make it. They will feel isolated and alone, angry, and powerless.

My Daughter-in-Law is a nurse and my youngest son is a combat medic. My sister, sister-in-Law and a cousin are also nurses. They are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I also am in prayer for all healthcare workers and others on the front line, bravely facing the challenges ahead. The challenges of the “New Normal” for the foreseeable future.

I want to let you know, although you may feel isolated, vulnerable, weak, angry, and afraid, you are not alone. Look left, look right, you have others that are in the same trenches with you. Talk to each other, encourage one another. They are feeling the same thing. Additionally, your family and your friends along with millions across this great country are praying for you!

You have been chosen for this task! Regardless of your beliefs, God has allowed you to be where you are! Believe that! Do not rely on your own strength and understanding. Turn to Jesus in this great time of need, ask Him for strength, for guidance, and for peace….He will provide it.

Please pray this prayer. Lord, Father God, I come to You in prayer through Jesus, Your Son, and my Savior. I realize and proclaim that even in these times of great challenges, You are in control and only You are sovereign. Please be with all of us facing this epidemic. I pray that we will to turn to You for peace, strength, and guidance. Lord, I pray that at the end of all this, we may all have greater strength, faith, and love for You and each other. That America will be more United as a nation and stronger in our Christian Faith towards You. I pray this in the name of Your Holy Son, Jesus Christ, Amen!

-Andy Gunther, March 30, 2020


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