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Army Veteran Andy Gunther announces candidacy for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Army Veteran and U.S. HUD Inspector Andy Gunther announces candidacy for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District

Retired Army veteran and U.S. Dept. of HUD Inspector Andy Gunther officially announces his candidacy for Georgia’s 14th District Congressional seat.

A former Airborne Instructor, Ranger, competitive (military rifle) marksmanship Gold Medalist, and R.O.T.C. instructor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Gunther served as Civil Military Affairs Administrator in Kosovo. In that capacity, he frequently met with community leaders, citizens and non-governmental organizations. Gunther additionally helped coordinate humanitarian aid efforts to a municipality of 43 villages following a magnitude 5.7 earthquake. It was during Gunther’s military service that he learned the importance of servant leadership.

Following his military retirement, Gunther completed his MBA in Management from the University of West Georgia, where he was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership honor society. Gunther also established a small business servicing government contracts for the U.S. Dept. of HUD. His daily work significantly improves the quality of life for thousands who live within the 14th District and throughout the United State and Puerto Rico.

Andy Gunther was born in Stuttgart, Germany where his father was stationed. When his Dad, an Army veteran of the Korea and Vietnam Wars retired after 26 years of service, Andy’s family moved to Maryland. Even as a youth, Gunther served in a leadership role on an active and very successful ground search and rescue team in Civil Air Patrol, where he first learned valuable skills as a servant leader. Gunther started working at age 13 on cattle, poultry and produce farms. He also worked after school as a restaurant laborer and cook and in a production facility making rail road flares.

Gunther’s passion to serve his nation led him to join the Army in 1981 as the youngest person in his training company. Gunther served more than twenty-years in arduous duty stations and challenging leadership roles as a Ranger qualified Airborne Infantryman. During those years Gunther still found time to volunteer with Special Olympics, chaperone the seniors on their church outings and serve as a Boy Scout leader and youth athletic coach.

Upon retirement, Andy Gunther, his wife, Victoria, and two sons Christopher and Jonathan, returned to Victoria’s home town of Bremen, in Haralson County. Once again, Gunther volunteered as a Boy Scout leader and later as Civil Air Patrol Squadron Commander and air and ground search team member for the Rome Composite Squadron at Richard B. Russell Regional Airport. Gunther additionally enjoyed teaching Discipleship classes, participating on the preschool board and singing in choir at his church.

As a member and current Vice Chair of the Haralson County Republican Party, Gunther serves as a member of the 14thDistrict Committee and previously served on the Rules Committee and as sergeant-at arms during district conventions. Additionally, Gunther has participated in numerous county, district and State conventions as well as volunteering for many grassroots campaigns for more than 17 years.

Now, Gunther wants to bring that same servant leadership to the 14th District. “I believe God has called me to humbly serve in the most significant way I know how, as your Congressman.”

As a staunch constitutional conservative, Gunther believes that this country was founded on Christian principles and that “the separation of church and state” is a lie. Our Republic apart from God is will not stand, as evidenced by the events we continue to witness throughout the country.

“I also believe the two issues that most directly affect people in this district,” said Gunther, “are the opioid crisis and solving the shortage of foster care. Children in need of foster care should not be shipped across the state, out of their own communities.”

You can learn more about Andy Gunther by visiting his campaign website,, Facebook or Twitter. Early voting for the Republican primary starts April 27th.

To contact Andy by email:

Or by Mail:

Friends of Andy Gunther, Inc.

PO Box 115

Bremen, GA 30110

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